the beggining

Go2Cintra® is a company that was created in 2014 with the aim of making it easier to see the Natural Park of Sintra while contributing to its preservation.

Our services focus on the field of tourism and event organization, all in the area of Sintra.


The main objective of Go2Cintra is to provide the discovery of Sintra in the most fun and sustainable way possible.
For this we have a team of people from different areas of interest: tourism, transport and event organization, with three things in common: they were all born in Sintra and have an unconditional passion for Sintra and love to help tourists have the best experience possible in the village where they were born and chose to live.


Our fleet consists of 100% electric bicycles and cars. With them we provide the best self-guided tours, for those who wish to explore Sintra by themselves.